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About Remu.


About Remu.

Ravintola Remu is a karaoke and party music bar in the heart of the center of Kuusamo, on the edge of the big market. Remu opened it’s doors on June 18, 2021. We renovated the property from floor to ceiling to give the space exactly our look. The sun shines on the terrace from morning to evening, from which it is nice to watch the life of the city of Kuusamo.

In the bar you will find a versatile selection of drinks. Pub food is also available, if hunger surprises you. We also have billiards, darts, jerky, photoplay, and various board games that you can play alone or with your friends.

We have invested a lot in Karaoke, and the leader of the karaoke adjusts the sounds just right for you, so you get the best possible singing experience. You can view our selection of songs online:, with code 5904

Welcome to have a good time! Our staff ensures that every customer receives the best possible service from us.